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LG AC Customer Care Mumbai For Best And Satisfactory Services

LG is one of the reputed and trusted AC manufacturer and service provider in India. LG AC is based on advanced and innovative technology to bring the clean and cool air. But like all other electrical home appliances LG AC also needs regular and periodic maintenance. To book our LG air conditioner servicing in Mumbai you can visit our customer care center Mumbai.

There is various LG AC customer care center in Mumbai. Thus you can visit to the LG AC customer care Mumbai and hire the service engineer for the servicing of the air conditioner. You can also call at LG AC customer care Mumbai to book your LG air conditioner services. Our customer care helpline number is available 24*7 to help the customer all around the nation.

Why Visit LG AC Service Centre In Mumbai?

At LG AC service centre Mumbai you can hire the best and professional service engineers. All the AC unit contains complex spare parts which needs to be handled properly by expert and well-trained professionals so that it can perform smoothly for the long time.

Due to frequent use in summer the AC unit got some wear and tear which decreases the efficiency of the AC unit. Thus to make it properly functional you need to hire the best and well-trained service engineer. AT LG AC service centre Mumbai all the service engineers are well-trained and dedicated to delivers the best, hassle-free, and satisfactory services the customer doorstep at the best and economical price.

At LG AC service centre Mumbai you not hire the engineer for best and satisfactory LG AC service Mumbai but you can also hire them for the installation service. Thus to book LG AC installation in Mumbai call at LG AC service centre Mumbai and enjoy best service at the best and economical price.

Top-Class AC Servicing and Maintenance at Mannu Bhai

The usage of air conditioners has increased a lot over the years. Summer, monsoon, or winter, you need an AC to control your room's temperature in your way. Many patients need to stay in AC rooms for their better health, but have you ever wondered what it takes to maintain your LG air conditioner? After all, it is an electronic device, and so has its demands of getting proper servicing for running without hiccups.

At Mannu Bhai, we work hard to ensure that your AC’s health stays good. We offer a lot of services and maintenance programs for LG air conditioners. Servicing your AC periodically is very important if you want your AC to living longer.

We Do Cleaning Of the Air Filters for Better Filtration

Having clean air filters are vital for the AC to work properly. The filter and the fin of your AC suck your room’s hot air. That is where the dirt and dust of your room also get sucked in and thrown out. Keeping the filters clean is thus the first step our AC experts do when they go for service. Dirty and dusty air filters produce a layer of ice over the evaporator, putting heavy stress on your AC. However, we at Mannu Bhai are there to provide our services for your AC to run well.

We Clean Dirt off Your AC’s Evaporator

Quite surprisingly, most of our services regarding air conditioners link to the accumulation of dirt and dust at one point. That concludes that dirt is the biggest enemy of your AC. Accumulated dirt and dust on the evaporator coil or the condenser is a bad sign. It can overheat your machine and pave the way for more significant problems. You do not want that to happen and so call us right away at our LG AC customer care Mumbai. Our technicians will open your unit, clear the debris, and check out the other components too.

We Also Do Cleaning Of the Condenser and Evaporator Fan

At Mannu Bhai, our experts who have been working in this field for years have expert knowledge of all types of ACs. No matter whether you have a Window AC, Split AC for your home, or a Central AC in your office, they will take care of them. While opening up your AC machine for servicing, they will check out if the evaporator fan works properly. They will clean and remove the clustered dirt and oil the joints to ensure that the fan works fine. Just like that, they will do the same with the condenser fan.

We Will Repair the Leaky Drainage System

Sometimes, owing to an elaborate drainage system, water starts dripping inside your room from the AC. This can create a great mess since it will go on dripping all the time you keep the AC open. This happens when the pipe and the drainage channel do not connect properly. Or maybe, you need a new pipe to fix in there to get the water flow straight through it.

Sometimes, there might be a faulty tube, and the same thing can happen in that case too. In both cases, you need to worry when we at Mannu Bhai are there to fix the problems. Our trained staff will visit your house, check the pipes, and fix them with the machine. Call us anytime at our LG AC service centre Mumbai, and we will be there to help.

We Also Do Checking and Refilling Of the Coolant

When you connect with our technicians for LG AC service in Mumbai, from Mannu Bhai, they will also check the coolant. The coolant is vital for your AC to cool the room properly. Without adequate coolant, your AC will only waste your electricity bill and will do zero cooling. Our experts will check the level of it and fill it if needed.

Besides all of these, we also do an overall checking of your AC to ensure everything is working well. Things like the motor, the sensor, and various other things need to have regular servicing. Calling us for doing servicing of your AC can help your unit to survive longer. A thorough checking will include the cleaning of the filters and fans. So, you can be sure that nothing comes to hamper your comfort in the middle of a scorching summer afternoon.

At Mannu Bhai, we provide different services for our customers in different fields. Our professional teams have prolific knowledge in every service we provide to you. Talking about AC services, well, we also do LG AC installation in Mumbai. Call us anytime you face any issue with your AC and Mannu Bhai to serve you anytime and anywhere in Mumbai. 

AC Technician
210 AC Technician in Mumbai
AC Technician
210 AC Technician in Mumbai
Mohit Kumar
South Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
mannubhai 4.5 ( 5289 ratings ) 153 times rated 5 star
  • P
    mannubhai 4.5
    Very professional attitude and very cultured. Provide best AC Service
Azam Tanwar
East Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
mannubhai 4.5 ( 4188 ratings ) 832 times rated 5 star
  • L
    mannubhai 4.5
    Knowledgeable on technical terms, good advisor. highly recommended for AC Service
Pavithran T
West Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
mannubhai 4.4 ( 7659 ratings ) 625 times rated 5 star
  • S
    mannubhai 4.5
    Excellent AC service. The technician came on time and they were very polite. Overall very good.
Amir Hundekari
North Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
mannubhai 4.5 ( 4267 ratings ) 705 times rated 5 star
  • P
    mannubhai 4.5
    He was very cooperative. & did very well ac service.
Sambhu Mandal
Harbour Suburbs, Maharashtra, India
mannubhai 4.5 ( 6861 ratings ) 273 times rated 5 star
  • K
    mannubhai 4.5
    Excellent knowledge. Very good AC service. Very careful.

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