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Common Microwave Oven Repairing Issues

Microwave oven is the most common kitchen appliance nowadays. We do agree that an oven is the primary thing that you would require in your kitchen. But your kitchen may look incomplete without a microwave. It saves your time for cooking. Moreover, people who are health cautious prefer to cook in a microwave; it requires very little oil. It is very convenient. You can preheat your meal before having it. In short, it makes our life easy and effortless. Each and every appliance needs maintenance. Otherwise, these appliances won't provide you service for a long time; whenever you feel something wrong with your microwave, call for the microwave oven repair service. You can contact your service center, or you can call the local shop, but that must be a certified one. Let's have a look at when you will need microwave repair.



Time When You Need To Call For The Microwave Service

Here, some common problems of the microwave are discussed which you cannot avoid and if any of these happen to call the service center.

  • Microwave Is Not Running

This one is the most common problem, which most people faced. At this time, you will need a micro oven repair. This can be a simple issue that can be fixed easily, or it can be a complex problem as most of the people are not so much aware of these things, so it is advisable to call the expert who has much experience in it. Check whether electricity comes or not.

  • The Touchpad Is Not Responding

This one is another common issue. This touchpad provides different types of functionality for cooking. Heat increase or reduce, you can do with the help of the button. So this is one of the vital things. If it has stopped responding, it may be due to a faulty control board or for the membrane switch.

  • The Microwave Tray Does Not Run

The tray of the microwave is made of glass, and when you turn on the switch, it starts rotating. If the tray does not rotate, neither you cook, nor you can preheat. Sometimes it happens due to the bokeh motor. It will be a wise decision if you all the microwave oven repair service if you face any of these problems. Call the service center and lodge your complaint. A qualified technician will visit your place within 48 hours. Happy cooking.


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