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Why Is RO Water Purifier Service Important?

Like every machine, a water purifier needs regular services to perform its work correctly with full efficiency. Therefore, experts across the nation suggest that one should get their water purifier service done within 3 months. Regular servicing of the water purifier ensures that its filter works appropriately and eliminate contamination.

Although water purifier service has several benefits, and this post is all about the importance of water purifier service, before we start discussing it in-depth, let’s discuss some crucial facts about water purifiers.

A water purifier is the need of every house to ensure clean and safe water for consumption. Water purifiers are used in all places such as residential, commercial, or industrial sites. Most of the family is generally dependent on water purifiers to achieve contamination-free and healthy drinking water. However, there are various other methods to eliminate water pollutants, but a water purifier is the best.

There are multiple kinds of water purifiers in the market, but RO water purifier is one of the best and widely accepted water purifiers. It uses a simple water purification process that removes harmful pollutants from drinking water and provides pure & clean water.

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The water purifier consists mainly of four filters: sediment filters, activated carbon filters, UV filters, and RO membranes. The first three filters can be replaced after 3-6 months; The RO layer works well for more than 1 year. But the lifespan of the water purifier depends upon the contaminant present in the inlet water and how well a water purifier is maintained.

Few Crucial Importance Of Water Purifier Service

#1. Protection against Waterborne Diseases

An adequately working water purifier robustly eliminates contamination from the water and safe us from waterborne diseases. Water, being the natural solvent, can dissolve almost everything in it. As a result, it becomes home to various kinds of waterborne diseases. A water purifier can eliminate the contamination completely but only when it works with full efficiency.  

#2. Helps In Healthy Lifestyle

Water is essential for body hydration, and maintaining an optimum body hydration level is crucial for living a healthy lifestyle. A water purifier completely sanitizes the water and makes it suitable for consumption. Drinking raw or contaminated water leads to various health issues like dehydration, headache, digestive problems, and muscle tension.

#3. Boost Immune System

Drinking properly treated water keeps us healthy and also maintain our immune system. A water purifier eliminates all kinds of pollutants and makes it completely safe for human consumption. This robust our immune cells that keep us healthy and protect us from various health issues.

Why Does Water Purifier Need Service?

It is needed to service your water purifier to regain its performance and lower undefined wear and tears. When a water purifier works regularly and filters out various impurities, the filter may clog, or pores may get blocked with respect to time. Thus it lacks in offering quality, but on-time tune-ups can dent its functions and durability. This is the main reason why a water purifier needs regular services.

Another reason to get your water purifier service done periodically is to achieve a sustainable 100% pure and healthy drinking water supply. Many waterborne diseases are harmful to human health, and it can be eliminated by frequent RO service. These impurities should be removed from the water to maintain the excellent health of your family. Water pollution levels have risen these days, making it unfit to drink from water sources without further water purification. Every family needs to have the best RO water purifier, but only having a water purifier is not the surety of contamination free water, so get its service done periodically and be assured about drinking water quality.

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Generally, water purifier manufacturers use high-quality raw material that makes the device durable and efficient, but depending on the contaminant present in raw water, the filters get clogged with time. Thus, the water purifier starts malfunctioning; as a result, people experience unpleasant odor and haziness in their drinking water. Regular water purifier servicing ensures cleaning of the device’s filter, and regular cleaning of the filters protect them from getting clogged. So water purifier works appropriately, eliminates all contaminants, and makes water healthy, clean, and free from unpleasant odor.

If you are concerned about your drinking water quality and your family health, then hire the professional to get your water purifier service done regularly because a water purifier with a clogged filter becomes less efficient and don’t eliminate contaminants properly, which means your drinking water quality gets compromised. So contact the nearest water purifier service provider and hire the trained and skilled technician to get your water purifier service done. But before you hire the service engineer, makes sure that they are professional else, your water purifier may lose its ability to purify water permanently.

Summing Up

Water purifier servicing is crucial for the cleanest drinking water; thus, get regular servicing for the water purifier without missing the right time. Usually, people don’t book their water purifier service until it stops working completely or starts significant malfunctioning like low water yield or experience unpleasant odor in water.

You know your water purifier also shows some signs that indicate it needs servicing. If you are not aware of these signs, read “Five Signs You Need To Book Water Purifier Services”. Knowing these signs may protect you from huge expenses and help you in registering on-time water purifier services. In the above section we have discussed importance of water purifier servicing in-depth.  

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Some Frequently Asked Question About Water Purifier Service

#1. When Should I Book Water Purifier Service?

The exact time is not known but ideally one should register their water purifier service within each 3 months. A good quality water purifier may last 12-15 years if it gets proper maintenance and regular services. Technologies have achieved new heights these days, and now the water purifier itself informs the owner to book its services.

Yes, now the water purifier is loaded with the filter change alarm, which helps you remember the exact time for a filter replacement so that a water purifier can work properly and treat water contaminant adequately. However, here we have listed the ideal time for the replacement of the following

  • RO Membrane

An RO technology uses a semipermeable membrane to filter out suspended contaminants from raw water. Due to its continuous process, the RO filters need to be replaced at least once a year to ensure good water purity.

  • Carbon Filter

The carbon filter is used to detach chlorine and other manmade contaminants to improve the RO filter's impact, and it should be replaced after 3-6 months of usage so that a water purifier work properly and bring healthy drinking water

  • Sediment Filter

The sediment filter is also known as a pre-filter and works to remove dirt from the water and prevent its entry into the RO membrane. It is advised to clean the sediment filter periodically, and it should be replaced twice a year

#2. Where Should I Contact For Water Purifier Servicing

There are various water purifier service providers across the nation so that you can contact them easily but each time you hire the professional, ensure that they are trusted and professional. Hiring a white-collar service provider ensures that your water purifier will get the best treatment for your water purifier. To hire the professional water purifier service engineer, you can call at @7065012902 and register your water purifier service request and enjoy hassle-free service at your doorstep.  

#3. How Often Should I Service My Water Purifier

We talked to various water purifier expert, and all of them has their own opinion, but the majority of them suggested that an ideal time to get your water purifier service done is 3 months. Exceeding beyond 3 months can cause malfunctioning of the device, or it may stop functioning properly, and it may put extra pressure on your pocket.  

If you are looking for the water purifier service, then call us at @7065012902. Our services are available across the nation, and currently, we are offering our water purifier service in more than 1350 cities in India. We have a team of expert professional who offers you satisfactory water purifier services at your doorstep across the nation. At Mannu Bhai, we offer our services for all kinds of water purifiers so, whether you have an RO water purifier or UV water purifier, contact us and get your water purifier service done.

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