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Five Signs You Need To Book Water Purifier Services

Regular cleaning and maintenance services increase the durability of the water purifier, and it also ensures that you will receive pure and healthy water irrespective of the source of water. Expert suggests one should get their water purifier service within every 3 months. However, this period depends upon the concentration of the contaminant present in the water.

Yes, you read right. It is the concentration of water contaminant that affects the efficiency of the device and disturbs the water purifier filters. Although the water purifier filters have their own lifespan but regularly encountering a high concentration of water pollutants the filter gets muddy and clogged, resulting in compromised purified water quality and low output water flow.

Now Let’s start discussing signs that a water purifier shows demand for services.

Sign That Indicates Need For Water Purifier Services

1. Low Water Yield

Usually your purifier would release enough water to fill the glass, but sometimes it only fills half the glass and stops the flow of water from the tap. If you are experience this then there is any trouble in the water filter. This is because your water inlet has a higher or lower percentage of water. An RO requires at least 40 to 60 psi of water pressure to function correctly. There may also be a fault in the water filter. Try to provide a constant water supply to the water inlet because it can also diminish the performance of the water filter. In case of low or no yield of pure water supply, find the nearest water purifier service center to check the condition of the filter.

A damaged RO layer can also be a cause of low water yield. The semipermeable membrane (the barrier that allows only some molecules to pass, blocking the path of other molecules) removes small particles and microorganisms from the water. When the membrane rises, the water filtration process slows down, and the water quality decreases. If the membrane is clogged or damaged, it should be replaced to prevent severe health problems. Also, note that the RO layer needs to be changed once a year or every two years, depending on the usage. This ensures clean and healthy drinking water on a daily basis.

2. Making strange or unpleasant sound

You may hear a strange noise coming from the faucet that drains water from the water purifier tank. In this situation, there is no need to change the water purifier just find an expert RO technician to check the disturbance. This occurs when air is pushed outside the system or due to a change in the water pressure in the system. As soon as the filter is replaced, if the noise does not subside, call a professional to check that the pipes are properly installed. Noise also occurs if the storage valve is not closed correctly.

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If there is continuous leakage from the water purifier tap, a part of the purifier may become damaged due to some breakage. To fix the problem, the part must be tightened or replaced. If the same problem appears in the filter membrane, it may be due to a damaged inlet. Call a RO professional to check if the RO is appropriately closed. Also, check the O-rings and replace them if they are torn or not in good condition and keep them tight.

3. Water Inlet Problem Or Low Water Pressure

There are some common problems caused by low water pressure. As they said, an RO requires at least 40 to 60 pounds per square inch of pressure to function properly. If the water pressure is less than 40 psi, you should increase the strength. This can be done with the help of a commonly used water pump for RO water purifiers.

4. The Bad Taste Of Weird Odor

Sometimes you experience an unpleasant odor in water, which can result from improper working for water purifier filters. This is the most vital sign that your water purifier demands for immediate servicing, so contact the nearest service store and get your water purifier service done.

5. Abnormal TDS Level In The Water

Various officials have set the TDS level in the water, and water having low TDS is considered safe (but ensure your water TDS level is not less than 50mg/liter). You can quickly check your water TDS level with a digital TDS meter. If your drink water TDS is higher than the normal TDS level, then it indicates to change the water filter immediately.

Some Other Reasons For Getting Water Purifier Servicing

#1. A Water Purifier Runs Without Stopping

This happens when the on-off valve doesn't work properly, or the valve is broken. To stop the continuous flow of water, you must measure the pressure in the storage tank. The ideal pressure is around 35-40 psi as higher than the normal cause of valve breakage. If the check valve is broken for any reason then consider replacing it.

#2. Water Appears Cloudy After Purification

Pure water appears colorless and transparent, as any such cloudiness in the water means there are some impurities present in it. If water lacks the quality that means the filter doesn't work as they're supposed to. Cloudy water is not considered safe for drinking and other household purposes. Turbidity denotes the cloudiness of the water, as you can check for it by holding a full glass of water against the sunlight. If the water appears cloudy even after purification, it is a clear sign that you need water purifier service.

#3. Never Ignore Drips And Leakages In A Water Purifier

If you are experiencing a leak in your water purifier, don't neglect it at any cost, and get in touch with a verified technician to schedule a maintenance check-up as soon as possible. Make sure that the necessary steps are taken on time until the leak is sealed with non-plastic tape. Any such leakage may appear due to loose pipelines, improper handling, and others. You can get a lower water yield than normal and higher wastage when these leakages can't be resolved quickly.

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It is essential to do some water quality checks to assure clean and clear water. It is also necessary to check the water purifier regularly to ensure its efficiency & productivity. Being a crucial home appliance, it needs on-time service and maintenance. So, find the nearest water purifier service center with multi-skilled water purifier service engineers to tackle any hassles.

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