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Why We Need RO Service?

We are living in a highly polluted world and consuming polluted water, air and food. There is no secret to making these things pure and pollution-free. We human beings are one of the prime reasons behind the deterioration of water. Surface water bodies are turned into drainage because of the uncontrolled dumping of toxic wastes. Because of the pollution in water, tap water also needs to be purified before consumption.

The reason why people need a water purifier is to remove all kinds of biological, chemical and physical pollutants. The water purifier has different types of filters and membranes to eliminate all sorts of suspended impurities. The RO water purifier can eliminate smaller than 10 microns particles that are the reason why it needs frequent service and repair.

The frequency of RO service depends on the quantity and quality of pollutants that must be eliminated. A water quality test is the best way to get your best-matched water purifier. The water purifier expert suggests a water purifier on the basis of the presence of suspended pollutants.

Types Of Water Purifier And Its Frequent Service Needs

Understanding every water purifier is really tough as it is important to go through the generally used water purifiers. The water quality expert suggests you RO, UV, and UF water purifiers depending on the tap water quality.

1. Reverse Osmosis (RO) - Reverse osmosis system ideal option in case of having high TDS levels. RO water purifier effectively removes excess salts and heavy metals, and other toxins from water. TDS controller is also used along with the RO technology to prevent eliminating essential minerals from water.

2. UV water purifier (UV) – it is a UV lamp powered water purifier to disinfect water by removing suspended pollutants. The UV water purifier effectively works on all water sources, whether you are purifying tap or municipally supplied water. The exact amount of pollutants present in water is diagnosed at a water testing laboratory.

3. UF water purifier (UF) – ultrafiltration is a fine membrane that can eliminate minute pollutants of less than 10 microns. Sometimes it is a gravity-based UF water purifier that doesn't need any external power source to operate. Gravity based water purifier works well where there is a low water TDS level.

What Type Of Pollutants Present In The Raw Water?

There is a diverse range of pollutants that may be present in water that including physical, chemical, and biological. Further, it can categorize into bacteria, nitrates, pesticides, and excess salts are some of the commonly found scums. To extract the exact kinds of pollutants, you can go for a laboratory water quality test.

If your tap water contains a high amount of contaminants and microbes, choose the RO+UV+UF water purifier. The UV membrane penetrates the cells of bacteria and stops the multiplication, as the RO membrane traps the dead cells and other biological pollutants. So, when you use the following water filters in a single water purifier, it gives you 100% pure and disease-free water.

Need Of Timely RO Service And Maintenance

Reverse Osmosis, known as RO, is the most commonly used water purification technique used for household purposes. The RO is a special kind of water filtration technology in which water is deionized by pushing it under pressure using a semi-permeable membrane. The water then moves from the more concerted side to the less concerted side to offer pure drinking water.

 The clean water is known as permeate, and the leftover is known as a brine that can be used for other household purposes. The RO membranes play a central role in the water purification process; that’s why it needs timely replacement of RO filters and membranes when it is not serviced on time. To improve the productivity of your RO water purifier, regular servicing and repair are essential.

A RO filter is like the heart of the RO water purifier that filters out suspended wastes from the raw water and ensures only the cleanest and safest drinking water for you. With continuous use, physical and biological contaminants clog the filter, damaging the filter permanently.

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The other filters and carbon-based filters also lose their penetrable properties with respect to time and need regular replacement. That’s why it needs to maintain the RO membrane and needs to replace the RO filter on time or before the due date.

How Often Can The RO Filters Be Serviced Or Replaced?

The pre-filter RO, installed outside the RO water purifier, must be changed within six months; further, it depends on the quality and quality of water purified per hour. The most commonly used pre-filters such as DI cartridge activated carbon and sediment filter should be replaced within 6 to 12 months. The frequency of how many liters of water passes through the RO membrane, but it decided only the filter should be inspected thoroughly.

To keep your RO membrane safe and working properly, it is mandatory to change the RO filters within 1 year. Apart from filters, the RO membrane needs to be replaced every 2 years. If RO service is not scheduled before the due date, the pollutants and chemicals may be found in your drinking water because of the inability of the RO membrane, which can be injurious to health.

The Summary About The Need Of RO Service

The above information is helpful for every RO user. Still, the actual time and frequency of the RO service completely depend on the amount of water is filtered through the RO membrane, the impurities are present in your tap water, and the service cycle. In a nutshell, if you have been using your RO filter for almost a year or more than that, it needs to get serviced replaced before it stops working. If your RO service is due for more than months or a year, why not find the nearest RO service center to get it serviced?

You can raise the RO service request in one tap without having to call multiple people or fill the RO service form.  The mobile apps are a one-stop-shop for all your RO water purifier service, customer complaints, and installation requests. In this way, you know when your RO is serviced and filters membranes replaced. So, download the RO service app that helps you to keep your RO serviced and well-working condition.