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When Should You Hire Service Engineer For Washing Machine Services

Another essential gift of technology is the washing machine—one of the essential electronic products in the house. In recent days you will find a washing machine in most of the houses. It not only saves your time, but it saves your effort too. As it's an electronic product, obviously you will need to maintain it properly. For every electronic product, Maintenance is the prime thing you want to get a long term service. Unlike other machines, washing machines do not require monthly maintenance, but if anything happens with the machine, you need to call the service engineer to fix the machine properly. In this article, we have put together some of the common problems of washing machine for that you need to call the service engineer to fix the problems. 

Time, When You Should Hire Service Engineer For Washing Machine Services 

1.  When The Washer Won't Drain 

One of the common problems of the washing machine is the washer won't drain properly. It can be a serious issue. Do not neglect it; before it turns into a big issue, call the service person for washing machine service. This problem arises, especially when the pump or drain hose gets blocked with residual gunk, small pieces of clothes, or any other debris. Suppose the washer does not drain properly or doesn’t spin correctly. Check with your product manual, or you can call the service center to lodge your complaint. The service center will send a service engineer to your place within 48 working hours; lastly, if the drainage pump is broken. 

2.  If The Washer Door Won't Unlock

This is another common washing machine problem, mostly faced by the front loader. This is because the top-loader does not need to lock the door to keep the water locked like a front door. The front loader user needs to lock the door tightly until the washing is done. This can happen for a few reasons. Like if the lock mechanism jammed. Suppose there is a glitch in the washer's computer. If the washing machine does not drain properly and leaves the washer door remains to unlock, the drum is full of water. If you face these sorts of things, it's time for your washing machine service. Call the service engineer to get it done. 

3.  If Your Machine Makes Noise

Sometimes objects get trapped in between the drum and the outer tub. This can create noise. Also, if your clothes contain coins, they will make it extreme noise. It can damage your machine. Make sure when you put your clothes inside the machine, check the pockets carefully. The bearing of the washing machine can be the reason for loud noise. With time the bearing starts to degrade. You can lubricate or can replace it. Call the professional service engineer to repair. 

4.  Vibration During Operation

Another reason that you should call the engineer for washing machine service is vibration during operation. It's a common problem faced by most of the users. Keep your machine on a horizontal surface. If you cannot place is on the proper horizontal surface, then buy a stand to keep the not overload the machine. You may call the service center to and book your service. 

5.  Problem During Drainage, Either Make Noise Or Cannot Drain Properly

Suppose you find that the drainage system makes the problem check the drainage pump. The drain pump might get blocked due to dirt or clothes fiber accumulation. Clean the pump and also the connected hose. This might solve your problem. But it is recommended that hire a professional to do this. This requires professionalism. 

6.  Tripping The Power Of The Machine

This problem can arise for many reasons. Might be there is an issue inside the motor. Might be there is a leak. It can happen that your motor overheats when you overload the machine. You can easily avoid the problem; what you have to do is do not overload it. But if you have multiple clothes to wash, you either buy a bigger machine with more capacity or wash your clothes in parts. If still the problem persists then call the service person 

7.  Washing Machine Is Not Spinning

Both the drainage and spinning system are connected internally. So if the drainage system is not working out, your machine will not spin properly. Check the pump filter, it might get blocked, or the hose can be blocked too. The motor capacitor can fail if the motor does not have the brushes. Another reason is if the belt from the motor has come out. 

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8.  Water Leakage From The Soap Case

It can happen for many reasons. Water pressure is strong; the drainpipe is blocked, over-filling, etc. You can get rid of this problem easily. Just call the technician for a washing machine service. Monthly or quarterly maintenance is not required, but if you see any of the above-mentioned issues, call your service engineer to get it done.