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Kitchen Chimney- How To Choose The Best One

A kitchen chimney is an important appliance that is designed to absorb fumes and smoke from the kitchen and keeps it smoke and oil-free. Moreover, the newest models of kitchen chimneys are known to add an aesthetic appeal and elegance to your modular kitchen.

Despite the kitchen chimney brand that you have decided to buy, you must take into consideration the suction power, filter, and the size of the same to make it blend with the size of your kitchen. When buying kitchen chimneys, here are some of the best guidelines to follow to get your hands on the best one.

The Chimney Size Counts

The kitchen chimney size largely depends upon the stove that you own. Some of the basic chimney sizes are 60 cm and 90 cm. If you own a stove with a minimum of two burners, you can choose a 60 cm chimney. However, if you happen to own a stove with more than 2 burners, then it is advisable to pick a chimney that is about 90 cm.

The Style of Mounting

The mounting style mainly depends upon the construction of your kitchen. For a cemented duct construction kitchen through the roof, always go for a ceiling-mounted kitchen chimney. But, always ensure that the shape of the chimney and the duct matches, for instance, if you own a round duct, then ensure that the kitchen chimney is equipped with a round pipe that serves as an exhaust. For a normal exhaust equipped kitchen, you can always choose a mounted chimney.

Consider the Capacity of Suction

You would come across chimneys with multiple capacities of suction that ranges from 700m3/hr to 1600 m3/hr. Feel free to pick a suction capacity based on your style of cooking. If you happen to be a vegetarian who consumes less oil, then always opt for a suction capacity that varies between 800 to 1000. But if you happen to be a non-vegetarian, then go for a kitchen chimney that has a suction capacity below 1100. However, if you cook oily foods quite often, then your chimney must have the suction power of 1200.

Look for the Style of the Chimney

Indian chimneys are available in two main options- one type comes with a straight glass and the other ones come with curved glass. But this decision is purely based on your preference. Although, it is always a good choice to pick a smart-looking chimney to add value and distinctive to your kitchen.

The Installation of the Chimney Matters

Most of the kitchen chimney suppliers do not offer you the aluminium duct, installation followed by the end cap with the purchased kitchen chimney box, so you might have to invest in them separately. There are quite a few chimneys that have all of these included. So, always check the package thoroughly before bringing them home.

Check with the Service

One of the most factors that you must bear in mind when looking for a kitchen is the services promised by the seller. Do not for a kitchen chimney if it lacks to provide you with a promise for a good service. Always, run through the service details and if at all the manufacturer provides you with the same before ordering the chimney.

Look for Chimneys with Filterless Technology

In the present day, the chimneys are equipped with filterless technology. Chimneys that come with a filterless technology calls for lesser cleaning. They are often available with auto clean technology and oil collectors. They might be a little expensive than the basic chimneys, however, the service cost banishes the difference.

Check the Type of Filters Used

The filters are used at all the stages of air handling inside a kitchen chimney and are classified into three major categories:

  • Cassette Filter
  • Baffle Filter
  • Carbon Filter

The manufacturers always take the baffle filters to be the most perfect options for all Indian kitchens.

Decide the Types of Chimney

Before you decide to invest in a kitchen chimney, you must always understand and think of the type that you want. The type of the kitchen depends upon the kitchen structure, cooking platform, and the hob location, and where you decide to fit it in. Depending upon the capabilities of where you want to install the kitchen chimneys, a kitchen chimney can be classified into 4 categories:

1. Island Chimney- The island chimneys are installed on the ceiling right above the cooking hob.

2. Built-in Chimney- The built-in chimneys are installed inside the wooden furniture.

3. Wall-Mounted Chimney

4. Corner Chimney-Corner chimneys are fitted in the kitchen corners where the stove is situated against the wall.

These were some of the best guidelines that you must look into and bear in mind when buying kitchen chimneys. These tips and guidelines would help you get the best chimney that is perfect for your kitchen and cooking style.