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Common Air Conditioner Problems

If you are experiencing frequent air conditioner problems, results are facing the hot day and sleepless nights. Regular service and repair can ward off various occasional repair needs and emergencies arise in your air conditioner. Sometimes your inside heat is creeping up, and the air conditioner system is giving you trouble, and you cannot identify the source. You must have to look at these common air conditioner problems faced by most of the users. The reason behind the problem is the inefficiency of service and tune-ups or blocked filters.

These common-looking air conditioner problems can make it even bigger and cause sudden breakdown and even burning—the most common way to keep your air conditioner even more long-lasting by providing regular service and tune-ups. Any delay after diagnosing these problems can hurt you much in different aspects, like adding more power or service bills. So, you can save the air conditioner from reaching these problems due to insufficiency in service, improper installation, and less cleaning.      

The Most Common Air Conditioning Problems

1. Cleaning or Replacing The Existing Filter

If your air conditioner is not producing cold air, check the filter first, because a dirty filter can hamper the airflow. You can also follow the manufacturer's instructions to clean the filter every three months as you can again reuse the filter for maximum time. So, if you see the dirty or clogged filter, immediately call the nearest AC service provider and make a contract for seasonal tune-ups.

2. Check The Thermostat Setting

When your air conditioner is creating a starting problem, it will be wrongly settled. Check the condition of the thermostat interior in case of no sunlight interface. It might be okay after reinstalling the thermostat with the help of a well-experienced field service engineer.

3. Low Level Of Refrigerant Or Leak

If your air conditioner temperature is fluctuating or unable to provide cooling, then your air conditioner may be experiencing a low level of gas. And the reason behind its low level indicates any leak in the Freon gas. Recharging your air conditioner with adding an optimum amount of refrigerant gas can help in achieving enough cooling. Any gas leakage depends upon the size and condition of the air conditioner installation.  

4. The compressor is one of the vital components as it regulates pressure and helps refrigerant to flow effortlessly. The dirty coils and refrigerant gas levels and capacitors will affect the compressor and make it faulty. If you are not getting cool air, then contact your service provider without making any delay. The service provider can make it workable or suggest to replace the compressor.

5. Evaporator coils

Evaporator coil is an underrated air conditioner component but has a vital role in offering efficient cooling. Evaporator coils suck indoor heat and flow it back through the duct by lowering its temperature. The problem arises in the evaporator coil due to obstruction in the vent, dirty filter, or low Freon gas level inside the air conditioner. You can also make it clean by warm water and a mild detergent solution.

6. Condenser Coils

Condenser is similar to evaporators and responsible for releasing inside heat as it is located outside the room. In the case of blockage happens in the condenser, it can be cleaned by water pressure. By cleaning twice or thrice a year can help in retaining it for more than your expectation.

7. The Exhausted Contractor

The exhauster contractor works like an electrical switch to the air conditioner as it on-and-off after achieving the optimum cooling level. The worn-out exhaust, along with the compressor, blower motor, and condenser motor fan, is the top reason for sudden AC service.

First, check the air conditioner power supply by following the external and internal wiring and then switch on the air conditioner. In case your air conditioner is not working as before, remove the outer filter and check the fan motor, whether it is working or not. In an air conditioner, several internal and external parts work together to make it work and offer optimum cooling. Still, due to less maintenance and service, it lowers capacity. You can help your air conditioner work smoothly by providing on-time service as it also increases its longevity.

It would be best to have your air conditioner run without a hitch when the summer starts. Even the best-conditioned air conditioner can also run into issues with continuous service. If your AC turns on but not blowing cold air, then check the vents and filters properly. 

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A fan is fitted inside the AC unit that blows the indoor air to the evaporator coil and makes it more relaxed than before. So, the whole thing depends on the air conditioner's service after running out as you can also save some of the regular AC service costs by self-cleaning or opting for long-term AC AMC plans.

The Whole About Common Air Conditioner Problems

A massive and complex electronic appliance air conditioner needs consistent care and cleaning to keep in good running shape. One can get a contract from a reputed AC service provider that offers your air conditioner constant and quality care. Read all the self-cleaning technologies along with instructions for timely service and maintenance. If you follow all the written instructions on time, you will surely get some extended year service. Trying a variable AC service center is quite risky because the technology available to cross the number of services can make your AC waste.

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